Supply chain predictions

Supply Chain Predictions of 2022

This year, the freight industry is experiencing changes for automotives, finance, supply chains, ocean shipments, and air cargo. Read on to discover why these changes are occurring and what impact it will bring for the future.  

This year, the manufacturing industry is investing in autonomous trucks. This will pave the way for driverless pilots on highways.

This will also bring high-definition mapping and an increase in the territory that autonomous trucks can drive on. 

In 2021, there have been record profits in the trucking industry. There has also been a high amount of deals and cash generation. As well, there is an influx of drivers, equipment, and transportation offerings.

These trends are to keep continuing in the near future. 

In regards to finance, large volumes but low inventories will likely continue. As well, driver demographics and deliveries for tractors will be large. 

This year, billions of dollars are being invested to solve issues within the supply chain. These issues include problems within driver retention, and problems shippers are having within international ocean carriers. 

As within parcel shipments, the amount of e-commerce will keep increasing. In addition, the demand for delivery services and parcel fulfillment will continue to be growing. 

In addition, the COVID pandemic will continue to cause problems for ocean shipping. Freight rates will continue to stay high as long as the COVID lasts, and ocean supply chains will continue to have issues. 

The amount of goods available to ship will also be reduced due to the pandemic. Another factor to keep track of in 2022 is how the air cargo industry will continue to change.

Sellers are expected to have more growth in the air cargo market. However, inventory levels will continue to remain low. As well, passenger airlines will remain limited concerning international capacity. 

Moreover, the cargo industry is undergoing transformations. They will affect how the industry daily serves its customers.

Even while experiencing these changes, cargo industries are effectively taking action to continue to provide successful services despite these adjustments. 


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