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New app used by airlines to reduce carbon emissions

Signol is an app that helps decrease the amount of fuel and carbon used in flights. This app is now being used in airlines.  The Signol app works by using data to give recommendations on how a plane can utilize fuel most efficiently. 

Feedback from the app is given to pilots. Then, pilots act on these recommendations while following regulations on flight safety and fuel management. Leaders in the airline industry are passionate about reducing carbon emissions, and believe Signol can help take these efforts to the next level. This has led airlines to partner with Signol for many years to come.

Airlines are taking other actions to become more sustainable. This includes operating new and clean fleets. As well, they are connecting with innovative partners who can help reduce their carbon emissions.

These positive implementations can lead to meaningful change that can happen in a matter of months, paving the way to a more sustainable future for airlines.

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White House Summit focuses on future of aviation

This August, the White House hosted a summit about ways to move air mobility forward. Topics at this summit included electric vertical-take-off, landing (eVTOL) aircraft, and drones. As well, topics such as unscrewed Aerial Systems (UAS) and advanced air mobility (AAM).

Electric vertical-take-off uses electric power to hover, take off, and land the plane. This makes the plane become more flexible and perform many more operations.

The landing (eVTOL) aircraft is battery-powered and utilizes autonomous technology. The technology behind this aircraft allows it to move in any direction and to function similarly to a drone. 

As well, drones do not use human pilots, or have a crew or passengers on board. They utilize a ground-based controller and can be used for tasks such as collecting images. 

Unscrewed Aerial Systems (UAS) include the fixed wing, balloon systems, and rotor craft in the aircraft. Mission planning and controlled hardware and software are required for the UAS to function.

Furthermore, advanced air mobility utilizes electric vertical takeoff and eVTOL aircraft. It allows the aircraft to serve in places that are not easily accessed by current aviation modes. 

In essence, emphasis on responsible adoption and safety is at the basis of these new technologies, along with innovation and sustainability. Furthermore, the future of aviation looks bright with these new technologies.


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Enhanced visibility in air cargo warehouses

Enhanced visibility in warehouses and ramp handling operations are now being implemented.  This increased visibility is meant to showcase the process of transporting air cargo shipments. 

Airlines, providers, and ground handling agents will now have a better understanding of how operations run and the handover process. With this clearer view, improvements can be made to handling activities and customers can be assured that their shipments are being transported as planned. 

This enhanced visibility allows data to be captured regarding the amount of freight in and out (FIW/FOW) of warehouses . Besides collecting data about FIW/FOW, air freight companies will start monitoring all other aspects of the supply chain.

This high amount of monitoring can help solve problems within the shipment processes. As well, having visibility of the entire warehouse process can bring improvements to these processes. 


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IATA World Cargo Symposium

The IATA World Cargo Symposium (WCS) is occurring on September 27-29, in London, England. This event will address how to continue air cargo’s strong performance after the pandemic. 

Some ways in which this event will build resilience towards air cargo include informing attendees about digitalization, sustainability, how to keep talent, and more. There will be workshops, summits, and panels at this event that will discuss these topics. 

Workshops will also delve into smaller topics such as billing settlements and how to improve performance in market segments. 

Throughout the pandemic, air cargo had doubled their revenue and made up a large percentage of airline revenues. The pandemic caused the air cargo industry to strengthen. Now, the industry has to retain this momentum in order to keep growing. 

Thus, this event will inform participants how to offer customer-centric solutions and have more digitized processes. If you are interested in attending this event, register here. 


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The end of cargo-in-the-cabin flights

Cargo-in-the-cabin flights, authorized in 2020, are now coming to a cease. The increase of passenger flights and decrease in the transportation of urgent-related cargo has caused the end of cargo-in-the-cabin flights. 

The usage of cargo-in-the-cabin flights was caused by the large amount of grounding of passenger aircraft due to Covid-19. As well, the high demand for freighter aircraft also led to the usage of cargo-in-the-cabin flights. However, these flights were time-limited, and operated on a case-by-case basis. 

Passenger to freighter aircraft were also utilized due to the large number of stakeholders investing in these conversions. Now, while the Covid-19 crisis no longer causes the same logistical challenges, the vast usage of cargo-in-the-cabin flights are coming to an end. 

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Advancements made to air cargo containers

Air cargo companies are beginning to utilize new types of temperature-controlled containers in their air cargo. They are using products such as Envirotainer’s Releye RLP and RAP containers; which can bring advancements towards meeting the demands of the supply chain.

These containers can track location and monitor temperature and product conditions. Besides monitoring these conditions, they can control cargo temperatures for over a week.

In February, the RAP container became the biggest model available in the market. Some advantages it brings are being able to hold a vast amount of cargo space, and carrying minimal weight. In addition, this container leaves the minimum amount of CO2 footprint than any other product in the market.

Leaders in the air cargo industry are committed to the use of these containers. They recognize the solutions they bring to the market and believe they are the most reliable container offerings available.


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Improvements made within air cargo industry

Along with Alaska Air Cargo, air cargo companies are doing what they can to have reliable and innovative operations. Eliminating fuel surcharges is the first step these companies are partaking in. Hence, customers will only be subject to paying the base airfare when they book a flight. 

Additionally, these changes stem from the complications that air freight customers have experienced recently. This includes flight schedule changes, flight cancellations, and a lack of staff for these flights. 

Besides eliminating fuel surcharges, air cargo companies are working on doubling freighter fleet capacity and having aircraft just for cargo. In addition, there will be improved fuel efficiency for flights, better payload for staff, and faster transportation for time-sensitive supplies and food to destinations. In addition, customers will be able to book flights easily through better investment in systems for sales, operations, and inventory.  

Moreover, more business from customers has led to these improvements being made in the industry. These implementations will make flights for these air cargo companies more reliable and stable, leading to an innovative industry and loyal customers. 


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Rise in sustainability positions for companies

Recently, logistics and air cargo companies have been creating new positions. These positions are meant to achieve sustainability goals. An example is SEKO Logistics. This company has appointed new hires who are committed to reaching sustainability goals. 

Hence, these new positions will benefit the society, environment, and government. One main goal of these new hires is for their controlled and owned facilities to become carbon neutral by the year 2050. Being hired for these positions requires having experience in setting milestones for sustainability. Moreover, SEKO Logistics sought people who developed sustainable packaging options for companies. As well, people who have developed sustainability roadmaps in the past. 

All in all, the main goal of SEKO is to develop a sustainable global supply chain. Although this cannot be reached at once, each step SEKO takes will make progress towards this goal. There are several steps in which progress is being made for this goal. This includes working with like-minded airlines, road freight vendors, and shipping lines. Also, providing carbon calculator tools to clients for them to start noticing the impact of their shipping. 

Furthermore, SEKO is contributing to initiatives such as the Sustainable Air Freight Alliance. SEKO is also introducing their large number of employees to sustainable practices. 

In essence, through all of these positive implementations, a more sustainable global supply chain can be reached. However, this will not occur overnight. 


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New leadership roles for logistic companies worldwide

Logistics companies worldwide are hiring new members to their leadership teams to drive technological and industrial advancement. These advancements will bring solutions to the field that are flexible and inventive. 

They will also bring advantages to customers using these services, allowing for easier business with these companies. Making these advancements will expectedly grow these businesses, and improve employee and customer experiences with the company. Through these new leadership roles, these companies’ will shine and attract new customers. 

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