Aviation industry training

Aviation industry strengthened through training

The pandemic has caused the largest crisis the aviation industry has seen in 100 years. Now, the industry is making transitions to have a more sustainable future. Thus, the two-year critical period the industry faced caused a major loss of employees and lost skills. Fortunately, training is becoming available for current and new employees to have correct skill sets for the industry. This will increase the chances of the industry to become more prosperous. As well, new talent is arising in the industry. This will bring along new skill sets and further increase the potential within their role. 

Trainers mission

Therefore, before organizations begin the training, it is essential for them to understand what roles and priorities prior employees had. Then, the new skills these employees have will match what the organization requires to be successful. In regards to the new talent in the industry, a group of trainers is being required. These trainers will specifically be from the operational side of the industry. Their mission is to instruct new employees about aviation regulations. 

Besides instructing employees on aviation regulations, safety training will be of top importance. Simulation tools will be utilized in order to increase safety knowledge and reduce risks within the airline. Employees will then have the knowledge to make safety decisions once the training is completed. 

Sustainability training

There will also be sustainability training consisting of three levels. The explorer level will provide entry-level information to students, the practitioner level will inform students of core sustainability skills, and the leadership level will provide knowledge on how to structure an organization. Moreover, whether students are on an entry to executive level in their courses, these training sessions will provide them with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in the industry. This gained knowledge will also help lead the aviation industry to a prosperous direction. 

At Bringer, we believe that training is paramount to success for all employees and for Bringer. Whether it’s a position in the warehouse or in marketing, Bringer employees are being trained in the fundamentals of the industry to gain understanding of their vital role in our daily operations. 

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Supply chain predictions

Supply Chain Predictions of 2022

This year, the freight industry is experiencing changes for automotives, finance, supply chains, ocean shipments, and air cargo. Read on to discover why these changes are occurring and what impact it will bring for the future.  

This year, the manufacturing industry is investing in autonomous trucks. This will pave the way for driverless pilots on highways.

This will also bring high-definition mapping and an increase in the territory that autonomous trucks can drive on. 

In 2021, there have been record profits in the trucking industry. There has also been a high amount of deals and cash generation. As well, there is an influx of drivers, equipment, and transportation offerings.

These trends are to keep continuing in the near future. 

In regards to finance, large volumes but low inventories will likely continue. As well, driver demographics and deliveries for tractors will be large. 

This year, billions of dollars are being invested to solve issues within the supply chain. These issues include problems within driver retention, and problems shippers are having within international ocean carriers. 

As within parcel shipments, the amount of e-commerce will keep increasing. In addition, the demand for delivery services and parcel fulfillment will continue to be growing. 

In addition, the COVID pandemic will continue to cause problems for ocean shipping. Freight rates will continue to stay high as long as the COVID lasts, and ocean supply chains will continue to have issues. 

The amount of goods available to ship will also be reduced due to the pandemic. Another factor to keep track of in 2022 is how the air cargo industry will continue to change.

Sellers are expected to have more growth in the air cargo market. However, inventory levels will continue to remain low. As well, passenger airlines will remain limited concerning international capacity. 

Moreover, the cargo industry is undergoing transformations. They will affect how the industry daily serves its customers.

Even while experiencing these changes, cargo industries are effectively taking action to continue to provide successful services despite these adjustments. 


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Sustainable aviation fuel

Sustainable aviation fuel becoming more accessible

Stakeholders in the air cargo industry are now making efforts for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) to become more attainable. SAF works as a substitute for jet fuel, utilizing non-petroleum raw materials and reducing lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions.  SAF is being commercialized with a system for converting carbon dioxide into hydrocarbons. 

Stakeholders in the air cargo industry are funding projects for the development of SAF including pilot and demo plants, and the construction, engineering and management of SAF plants. 

Thus, the implementation of SAF can decrease global aviation emissions and decarbonize the environment. These efforts can work to battle climate change.

Besides the growth of SAF in the air cargo industry, technologies with the goal of reaching sustainability have also been on the rise. 

This includes hydrogen-electric engines, urban air mobility, electric regional aircraft, and carbon capture. Moreover, the push towards decarbonization for the air cargo industry has been on the rise, as well as solutions to achieve sustainability goals in the long-term.


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Free cargo transport

Refugees receiving free cargo transport

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is now providing free passenger and cargo transportation to societies in need of support.

This alliance is currently helping displaced families, providing aid materials, and making donations to people living in Ukraine and other areas of the world.

Displaced individuals are receiving tickets to destinations in the South American flight network, and are being guaranteed protection from UNHCR. 

In 2020, around 1% of people around the world were being forced to leave their homes. This year, around 10 million people have been displaced by the crisis in Ukraine and surrounding areas. South America and the Caribbean also have around 18m people displaced. 

As well, places such as Afghanistan, Ethiopia, and Venezuela are also in need of help from free cargo transport by organizations such as UNHCR. 

In addition,  UNHCR is alllowing vaccines and health professionals to be transported to countries throughout the pandemic. In fact, it transported around 232m doses of vaccines and moved around 3,400 health professionals to countries where it operates. 

Moreover, UNHCR is providing value to society through these contributions. Thus, people in need are being supported through the organization’s social commitment. 


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TIACA sustainability program

First sustainability program launched by TIACA

The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) has set the “BlueSky program.” This is the first sustainability program for the air cargo industry. 

Moreover, this program will allow stakeholders in the air cargo industry to measure their sustainability progress. It will also allow stakeholders to measure progress against peers, and lead to more sustainability within the industry. 

The program will create an industry-specific tool to assess and distinguish sustainability efforts.

In addition, the program is renewable every two years. It will involve guidelines, verification, and validation. 

The assessment guideline allows companies to start their verification and validation. These steps are evaluated through self-analysis.

As well, the desktop verification involves an online assessment and validation of the provided documents. Each area is given a score and will be showcased on a company dashboard. 

The onsite validation involves desktop validation and an audit onsite. Businesses will receive a score in every area, an excellence badge, and a report on suggestions of how the company can be more sustainable. 

Furthermore, besides individual companies, the program will benefit partners and the air cargo industry. They will be benefited through strategies of how to grow responsibly. As well, of how to be a positive force within the air cargo industry.

Thus, this program will allow companies to evaluate their levels of sustainability and have them validated. These companies’ efforts on being sustainable will become transparent. In addition, more focus will be placed on these companies making a positive impact for the future. 




Reform bill addressing port disruption

Ocean shipping reform bill addressing port disruption

The US Airforwarders Association (AFA), is showing support for the Ocean Shipping Reform Act of 2022. This act works to improve the occurring port disruption. 

As there are many freight forwarders in ocean transportation working in the AFA, the AFA is supporting this act. 

The Ocean Shipping Reform Act will enforce carriers to have late fees for containers. The act also bans carriers from rejecting exports without sufficient reasons.

Besides the reform bill addressing port disruption, it is also addressing box lines. As well, it is getting the US Federal Maritime Commission to deal with carrier practice. 

Furthermore, these regulations and sufficient maritime port operations are reducing detention and demurrage fees in these ports. 

In addition, freight forwarders and their clients, as well as truck vendors would be subject to less fees. These alterations will also positively change how cargo is handled

Hence, the Senate is currently debating this report. However, shipping lines are opposed to the act. They argue that the act does not fix the cause of the congestion. Also, that it could make it difficult to handle late containers. 

In addition, shipping lines enforce forwarders, airlines, ocean carriers, and more, to work together logistically. Without this collaboration, they claim the distribution of products will become impeded. 


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Mail & More “world first” GSA mail service

ECS Group has created an e-commerce and mail service that provides in-house digital process support for utilizing mail as cargo or belonging to a CN document. This system provides collection and delivery of mail and e-commerce, provides mail-specific compliance, and has a track and trace system for all shipments. Moreover, the team behind this service has expert knowledge about this commodity and has a network of global postal operators and e-commerce consolidators to increase profits for this segment. 

Thus, there are some differences between airmail and normal air cargo. This includes that airmail flies under a CW document and within a predefined allotment. Also, airmail has post operators that consist of public and private postal services. In addition, authorities from the International Post Corporation and the Universal Postal Union are required for several aspects of transporting and handling the mail shipments. Moreover, this network also manages the airline’s requirements, responsibilities, and provide responses to shipment irregularities. Meanwhile, regular air cargo flies with an air waybill and uses booking. Regular air cargo also utilizes a team of freight forwarding partners for every shipment.

Moreover, Mail & Mail assists airlines in dealing with mail shipments. As well, it assists in responding to customers’ problems with shipments. Hence, the outsourceable team behind Mail & Mail can provide these airlines with various digital process support systems. This includes support for commodity-specific duties, commercial responsibilities, and their digital platforms. In essence, this service is continuing to grow and provide essential mail & e-commerce solutions for airlines around the world. 


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Air Cargo Companies showing commitment on holidays

Air Cargo Companies showing commitment on holidays

This Valentine’s Day, around 60 million roses were shipped from countries such as Ecuador, Colombia, and Kenya. Moreover, these roses were meant to be delivered just for Valentine’s Day. However, air cargo companies showed their commitment on holidays by preparing these shipments months in advance. 

Airlines routinely do this type of shipping every year. However, this year was different due to the effects of the pandemic on available space and resources. Hence, these companies were faced with challenges but did not fall short. Instead, extra volumes and additional cargo flights were added during this period. As well, temperature-controlled systems were placed in flights in order to keep the roses fresh. 

In addition, air cargo companies were showing commitment on holidays by keeping constant contact between customers and airlines. This constant contact ensured successful planning for each shipment. Hence, arranging the charters and keeping track of the high number of volume and flights during February did not allow airlines to fall short with their deliveries. Instead, the dedication these airlines have to their customers motivated them to plan ahead. It aland make sure each shipment was delivered on time. 

Sponsored: Qatar Airways Cargo, the love of commitment. Air Cargo News. (2022, March 1). Retrieved March 21, 2022, from https://www.aircargonews.net/sponsored-content/sponsored-qatar-airways-cargo-the-love-of-commitment/

Air Cargo Forum in Miami, FL

Air Cargo Forum in Miami, FL

The air cargo forum is a long-established meeting of the air cargo community. The new permanent home for it is now Miami, Fl. It is organized by Messe München and will take place on November 8-10, 2022. This forum combines the air cargo and transport logistics industries together, with the goal of increasing business connections for people in the U.S., and North and South America. 

Industry experts will be present at the conference. They will be providing insight into the transportation, air cargo, supply chain, and logistics industry to those interested. As well, there will be chances to increase profits at this conference by doing business with cargo shippers and markets worldwide. 

Furthermore, the Air Cargo Forum in Miami, FL will allow people to exhibit their business’s innovative products and solutions. It will also allow insight into what the other air cargo and transport logistics brands are offering. ​​For more information, visit https://www.aircargoforum.org/tradefair/about-the-fair/


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BACCF 2022

On March 17, 2022, The Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce of Florida  (BACCF) brought together members of the community to thank Ambassador João Mendes for his services and send him good wishes for his future. The event was sponsored by BB Americas and Bringer Corporation, and took place in Key Biscayne, FL. 

Moreover, Mendes worked in several positions before serving as the Consul-General of Brazil in Miami. For example, Mendes worked as the Head of Protocol at the Ministry of External Relations. As well, as a Brazilian Mission to the European Union. He also served as the Director of the Department of Latin American Integration Association and Regional Economic Integration. In addition, he served as the Coordinator of Economic Affairs for South America.

Thus, the Despedida Reception for Ambassador João Mendes did a wonderful job at commemorating Consul-General of Brazil in Miami, and uplifted him to keep up his remarkable work as the Brazilian Ambassador to the Kingdom of Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.


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