TIACA sustainability program

First sustainability program launched by TIACA

The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) has set the “BlueSky program.” This is the first sustainability program for the air cargo industry. 

Moreover, this program will allow stakeholders in the air cargo industry to measure their sustainability progress. It will also allow stakeholders to measure progress against peers, and lead to more sustainability within the industry. 

The program will create an industry-specific tool to assess and distinguish sustainability efforts.

In addition, the program is renewable every two years. It will involve guidelines, verification, and validation. 

The assessment guideline allows companies to start their verification and validation. These steps are evaluated through self-analysis.

As well, the desktop verification involves an online assessment and validation of the provided documents. Each area is given a score and will be showcased on a company dashboard. 

The onsite validation involves desktop validation and an audit onsite. Businesses will receive a score in every area, an excellence badge, and a report on suggestions of how the company can be more sustainable. 

Furthermore, besides individual companies, the program will benefit partners and the air cargo industry. They will be benefited through strategies of how to grow responsibly. As well, of how to be a positive force within the air cargo industry.

Thus, this program will allow companies to evaluate their levels of sustainability and have them validated. These companies’ efforts on being sustainable will become transparent. In addition, more focus will be placed on these companies making a positive impact for the future. 




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