Air cargo industry TIACA guidelines

TIACA Creating Guidelines for Air Cargo Industry

The International Air Cargo Association has come up with the Air Cargo Sustainability Roadmap. This roadmap has created priorities for the air cargo industry to follow. These TIACA guidelines for air cargo encourage sustainable practices in these businesses.

Hence, the roadmap consists of 8 key objectives. This includes decarbonizing air cargo, keeping waste to a minimum, helping protect biodiversity, increasing profits, maintaining a good workforce, building partnerships, supporting the economy, and improving lives and the welfare of people. 

Current Advancements

Thus, as challenges face the planet and society, industries should work on making positive impacts on the world. The air cargo industry is already making advancements to meet these initiatives.  These advancements include reducing the industry’s environmental footprint and cutting waste in the field.

However, all companies within the industry must commit to achieving this transformation. Companies are working to achieve this in the short term by having CEO’s and leaders take action. Long-term commitments are being made through timelines for when these goals should be met.

Enforcements by TIACA

As well, ways in which TIACA is accelerating this transformation include engaging industry leaders at events with the hopes of them committing to these pressing matters. Also, raising awareness about the importance of these guidelines, and creating programs for companies to benchmark themselves among these priority areas.

In essence, achieving sustainable development goals should become a priority for every business. With the  TIACA guidelines for the air cargo industry, sustainable transformations can be made. Therefore, by committing to these sustainable acts in the long-term, future generations will have a better ecological, social, and economic world.



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