Usage of biodegradable plastics for cargo

Companies are now making efforts to decrease the environmental impact of utilizing plastic in their business processes. They are now using Bionatur Plastic biodegradable stretch wrap for their cargo. This replacement of traditional plastic leads to an amount equivalent to 68 million plastic water bottles being removed from landfills. 

Moreover, when plastic enters a landfill, it can take 1,000 years to biodegrade. Thus, utilizing BioNatur Plastic biodegradable plastics is exceedingly better for the environment, as it takes 5 to 10 years to biodegrade.  

Positive outcomes are appearing from Bionatur Plastic biodegradable stretch wrap. Thus, companies are feeling encouraged to continue utilizing this stretch wrap for cargo. 

In addition, the BioNatur Plastic products consist of 1% organic additives that are food safe. These additives allow anaerobic bacteria to consume the plastic when it’s placed in the landfill. When used for cargo, this biodegradable plastic performs identical to traditional plastic. 

In essence, leaders of companies support these sustainability goals. Therefore, they are committed to reducing the environmental impact of plastic products. Moreover, they are doing what they can to continue utilizing sustainable products for the cargo industry. 


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