The end of cargo-in-the-cabin flights

Cargo-in-the-cabin flights, authorized in 2020, are now coming to a cease. The increase of passenger flights and decrease in the transportation of urgent-related cargo has caused the end of cargo-in-the-cabin flights. 

The usage of cargo-in-the-cabin flights was caused by the large amount of grounding of passenger aircraft due to Covid-19. As well, the high demand for freighter aircraft also led to the usage of cargo-in-the-cabin flights. However, these flights were time-limited, and operated on a case-by-case basis. 

Passenger to freighter aircraft were also utilized due to the large number of stakeholders investing in these conversions. Now, while the Covid-19 crisis no longer causes the same logistical challenges, the vast usage of cargo-in-the-cabin flights are coming to an end. 

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