The beginning of airdrop logistics

The US-based Silent Arrow, a cargo delivery drone, has had its first overseas deployment. In this deployment, it has transported 1,026 pounds of cargo. 

The Silent Arrow belongs to Yates Electrospace Corporation. It  underwent this deployment in the Middle East, under the air force of a US allied government. This deployment was under a 1.5m operational contract.

The usage of drones for air cargo can fix problems involving labor shortages and lower expenses for the industry. Drones can fit higher amounts of cargo than current air freight available. They can also lead to lower amounts of carbon emissions in the environment through its usage. 

According to Chip Yates, the CEO and Founder of Silent Arrow, “the mass production of Silent Arrow feels encouraging. Silent Arrow will bring new opportunities, and will be implemented in 37 countries thus far. The continued usage of Silent Arrow will lead to it becoming the worldwide standard for airdrop logistics.”


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