Rise in sustainability positions for companies

Recently, logistics and air cargo companies have been creating new positions. These positions are meant to achieve sustainability goals. An example is SEKO Logistics. This company has appointed new hires who are committed to reaching sustainability goals. 

Hence, these new positions will benefit the society, environment, and government. One main goal of these new hires is for their controlled and owned facilities to become carbon neutral by the year 2050. Being hired for these positions requires having experience in setting milestones for sustainability. Moreover, SEKO Logistics sought people who developed sustainable packaging options for companies. As well, people who have developed sustainability roadmaps in the past. 

All in all, the main goal of SEKO is to develop a sustainable global supply chain. Although this cannot be reached at once, each step SEKO takes will make progress towards this goal. There are several steps in which progress is being made for this goal. This includes working with like-minded airlines, road freight vendors, and shipping lines. Also, providing carbon calculator tools to clients for them to start noticing the impact of their shipping. 

Furthermore, SEKO is contributing to initiatives such as the Sustainable Air Freight Alliance. SEKO is also introducing their large number of employees to sustainable practices. 

In essence, through all of these positive implementations, a more sustainable global supply chain can be reached. However, this will not occur overnight. 


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