Reform bill addressing port disruption

Ocean shipping reform bill addressing port disruption

The US Airforwarders Association (AFA), is showing support for the Ocean Shipping Reform Act of 2022. This act works to improve the occurring port disruption. 

As there are many freight forwarders in ocean transportation working in the AFA, the AFA is supporting this act. 

The Ocean Shipping Reform Act will enforce carriers to have late fees for containers. The act also bans carriers from rejecting exports without sufficient reasons.

Besides the reform bill addressing port disruption, it is also addressing box lines. As well, it is getting the US Federal Maritime Commission to deal with carrier practice. 

Furthermore, these regulations and sufficient maritime port operations are reducing detention and demurrage fees in these ports. 

In addition, freight forwarders and their clients, as well as truck vendors would be subject to less fees. These alterations will also positively change how cargo is handled

Hence, the Senate is currently debating this report. However, shipping lines are opposed to the act. They argue that the act does not fix the cause of the congestion. Also, that it could make it difficult to handle late containers. 

In addition, shipping lines enforce forwarders, airlines, ocean carriers, and more, to work together logistically. Without this collaboration, they claim the distribution of products will become impeded. 


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