New technology available for cargo scanning

The air cargo industry now has an efficient way of documenting cargo dimensions through Cargo Spectre’s AI scanning system. This scanning system uses advanced machine-learning to capture cargo dimensions at record speeds. 

This software utilizes 3D scanners, cameras, and scales to scan parcels and pallets. These dimensions are captured with weight sensors, a click of a button, or a barcode scan. 

The scanning system gathers data from the cargo at once, and has no difficulty capturing cargo with protrusions. This software also requires much less space and time to collect data than a laser scanner.

Compared to other scanning systems in the freight industry, Spectre’s algorithm is much more accurate and can scan difficult cargo better than other laser scanners available. 

Spectre can reliably capture the dimensions of black plastic surface cargo, which is challenging for most scanners. Like how it functions for regular cargo, this scanning system can complete this scan in little time, and can correctly capture this cargo even with protrusions. 

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