New app used by airlines to reduce carbon emissions

Signol is an app that helps decrease the amount of fuel and carbon used in flights. This app is now being used in airlines.  The Signol app works by using data to give recommendations on how a plane can utilize fuel most efficiently. 

Feedback from the app is given to pilots. Then, pilots act on these recommendations while following regulations on flight safety and fuel management. Leaders in the airline industry are passionate about reducing carbon emissions, and believe Signol can help take these efforts to the next level. This has led airlines to partner with Signol for many years to come.

Airlines are taking other actions to become more sustainable. This includes operating new and clean fleets. As well, they are connecting with innovative partners who can help reduce their carbon emissions.

These positive implementations can lead to meaningful change that can happen in a matter of months, paving the way to a more sustainable future for airlines.

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