Mail & More “world first” GSA mail service

ECS Group has created an e-commerce and mail service that provides in-house digital process support for utilizing mail as cargo or belonging to a CN document. This system provides collection and delivery of mail and e-commerce, provides mail-specific compliance, and has a track and trace system for all shipments. Moreover, the team behind this service has expert knowledge about this commodity and has a network of global postal operators and e-commerce consolidators to increase profits for this segment. 

Thus, there are some differences between airmail and normal air cargo. This includes that airmail flies under a CW document and within a predefined allotment. Also, airmail has post operators that consist of public and private postal services. In addition, authorities from the International Post Corporation and the Universal Postal Union are required for several aspects of transporting and handling the mail shipments. Moreover, this network also manages the airline’s requirements, responsibilities, and provide responses to shipment irregularities. Meanwhile, regular air cargo flies with an air waybill and uses booking. Regular air cargo also utilizes a team of freight forwarding partners for every shipment.

Moreover, Mail & Mail assists airlines in dealing with mail shipments. As well, it assists in responding to customers’ problems with shipments. Hence, the outsourceable team behind Mail & Mail can provide these airlines with various digital process support systems. This includes support for commodity-specific duties, commercial responsibilities, and their digital platforms. In essence, this service is continuing to grow and provide essential mail & e-commerce solutions for airlines around the world. 


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