Improvements made within air cargo industry

Along with Alaska Air Cargo, air cargo companies are doing what they can to have reliable and innovative operations. Eliminating fuel surcharges is the first step these companies are partaking in. Hence, customers will only be subject to paying the base airfare when they book a flight. 

Additionally, these changes stem from the complications that air freight customers have experienced recently. This includes flight schedule changes, flight cancellations, and a lack of staff for these flights. 

Besides eliminating fuel surcharges, air cargo companies are working on doubling freighter fleet capacity and having aircraft just for cargo. In addition, there will be improved fuel efficiency for flights, better payload for staff, and faster transportation for time-sensitive supplies and food to destinations. In addition, customers will be able to book flights easily through better investment in systems for sales, operations, and inventory.  

Moreover, more business from customers has led to these improvements being made in the industry. These implementations will make flights for these air cargo companies more reliable and stable, leading to an innovative industry and loyal customers. 


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