BAC/BPS now using FleetComplete

Bringer Air Cargo and Bringer Parcel Services are now improving the functioning of their fleet with FleetComplete. By BAC/BPS now using FleetComplete, these companies will benefit by having more structured resources, operations, and deliveries. As well, their operations will follow the Motor Carrier Safety and Food Safety regulations. 

Hence, FleetComplete will provide dispatchers and fleet managers with visibility of where vehicles are currently located. As well, access to their routes, loading information, and delivery details will be available on the platform. 

Vision app is a feature accessible on the FleetComplete platform. It will allow users to monitor safe driving and ensure the safety of other drivers nearby. This platform is also useful in order to make operations more efficient and reduce business costs.

 As well, this service will prevent cargo from being unused. It will also provide information on the capacity of the trailer. FleetComplete will also implement the right temperature and humidity conditions for the trailer. 

Also, fuel consumption will be managed by overseeing idle time, time spent on personal errands, and performing tasks not related to freight management. IFTA reports will also be provided with this service, as well as HOS & ELD compliance and FSMA regulations. Other reports will also be provided with this service that helps examine the commercial fleet, its usage and the expenses surrounding it. 

In essence, by BAC/BPS using FleetComplete, resources and operations will be more efficient. As well, services and deliveries will be on time and comply with fleet regulations. With Bringer Air Cargo and Bringer Parcel Services utilizing this service, profitability for these companies is expected to increase. The services will also become more structured. 

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