Air Cargo Companies showing commitment on holidays

Air Cargo Companies showing commitment on holidays

This Valentine’s Day, around 60 million roses were shipped from countries such as Ecuador, Colombia, and Kenya. Moreover, these roses were meant to be delivered just for Valentine’s Day. However, air cargo companies showed their commitment on holidays by preparing these shipments months in advance. 

Airlines routinely do this type of shipping every year. However, this year was different due to the effects of the pandemic on available space and resources. Hence, these companies were faced with challenges but did not fall short. Instead, extra volumes and additional cargo flights were added during this period. As well, temperature-controlled systems were placed in flights in order to keep the roses fresh. 

In addition, air cargo companies were showing commitment on holidays by keeping constant contact between customers and airlines. This constant contact ensured successful planning for each shipment. Hence, arranging the charters and keeping track of the high number of volume and flights during February did not allow airlines to fall short with their deliveries. Instead, the dedication these airlines have to their customers motivated them to plan ahead. It aland make sure each shipment was delivered on time. 

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