Filing a claim:  Instructions

A Claim is intended for situations when a shipment was lost or damaged.  Claims for Loss/Damage must be submitted by the party that owns the claim rights or is the authorized party to submit the claim.  A claim is filed by completing the BPS Claim Form and returning it, along with the required documentation to the email address

Special note on damage claims:

A claim for damage may require an inspection of the shipment and it’s packaging.  BPS reserves the right to inspect any shipment of any value when evaluating a damage claim.  An inspection should be done at the original delivery location.  Failure by the consignee to retain the original shipment and packaging at the original delivery location, or failure to make said items available for inspection may invalidate the claim.

Steps to file a claim:

  1. Complete and submit the Claim Form to BPS (LINK BELOW). It is preferable to have the form filled out electronically.  However, if this is not possible, please ensure writing is legible.  If you require additional space to detail the items claimed, please attach separate sheet(s) as needed.
  2. Include all supporting documentation. The documentation required is outlined and specified on the Claim Form and varies depending on the claim type (damage claims require additional items).  Providing all the documents specified will allow for resolution of most claims.  However, BPS reserves the right to ask for additional paperwork in certain circumstances.  As an example, requests for Loss/Damage Cargo Claims must be submitted by the party that owns the claim rights.
  3. Include photographs if the item is damaged. Photographs should include pictures of the item(s) themselves, as well as any internal and external packaging materials.
  4. Review all documentation to ensure accuracy and completeness. Incomplete, inaccurate, or illegible documentation could delay your cargo claim and result in possible denial.
  5. Written notification of claim for damage must be received within five (5) days after delivery at destination. For missing/lost cargo, written notification must be received within sixty (60) days of shipment date from origin.
  6. Declared value does not represent insurance coverage. The declared value of a package represents BPS’ maximum liability for the package in case of loss or damage.  BPS’ maximum liability for loss or damage to a package is US $50.00 (or equivalent in local currency).  Shippers sending goods with values exceeding US $50.00 can choose to purchase insurance for the value of the goods by paying an additional charge.  If insurance is not purchased, the Shipper agrees that the released value of each package is no greater than USD $50.00.  To increase BPS’ limit of liability for loss or damage above USD $50.00, the Shipper must purchase insurance and pay an additional charge of $0.55% of the insured declared amount (cost of goods + freight costs) with a minimum of $5.00. When the insurance is not purchased, the Shipper agrees that the value of each package is no greater than USD $50.00, and in order to increase such value, insurance coverage must be requested and purchased.