Cargo Capacity Maximum Payload: 5580 kg
Total Volume: 54 cubic metres
Cargo Door Dimensions Forward Cargo Door H 1.56 m | W 1.30 m | Door Clearance when open 3.05 m
Fuel Capacity 5000 kg
Maximum Takeoff Weight ATR-42-300/320 LCD/BFC 16,900kg | 37,257lb
Maximum Range 4 400km
Cruise Speed 284 kt
Basic Dimensions Wing Span: 24.57m (80 ft 7in)
Overall Length: 22.67m (74ft 5in)
Tail Height: 7.59m (24ft 11in)

*Please note, all aircraft information and ULD compatibility are subject to change without notice. Please visit the aircraft's manufactures website for the latest technical specifications.