Cargo Capacity Maximum Payload: 230,000 lbs./104,326kg
Cargo Door Dimensions Bulk Cargo Door: 36ins x 45ins (91cm x 103cm)
Forward Door: 106ins x 67 ins (269cm x 170cm)
Rear Door: 106ins x 67 ins (269cm x 170cm)
Engines 2 x GE −110B: 110,100 lbf (490 kN) / GE −115B: 115,300 lbf (512 kN)
Fuel Capacity 47,890 US gal - (181,283 L)
Maximum Takeoff Weight 766,800 lb (347,800 kg)/td>
Max Payload Range 5,400 statute miles/8,689km
Cruise Speed (590 mph, 950 km/h, 512 knots)
Basic Dimensions Wing Span: 199ft 11ins (60.9m)
Overall Length: 209ft 1ins (63.7m)
Tail Height: 61 ft 1 in (18.6 m)

Compatible ULD’s

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