Cargo Capacity Maximum Payload: 55,000 lbs./24,947kg
Total Volume: 186m³ 6,568ft³
Cargo Door Dimensions Main Cargo Door: 86” x 134”
Lower Forward Door: 42” x 54”
Lower Aft Door: 44” x 54”
Engines 3 Turbofan Pratt & Whitney JT8D-9
Fuel Capacity 8,186 gal
Maximum Takeoff Weight 203,100lb / (92,126kg)
Maximum Range 4 400km
Cruise Speed 830 KM/H / 515 MPH
Basic Dimensions Wing Span: 32.9m (108ft 0in)
Overall Length: 46.7 (153ft 2in)
Tail Height: 10.4m (34ft 0in)

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